Deepa Butoliya: Critical Jugaad



Critical Jugaad is about analyzing and situating jugaad (hindi for “making do with what one has at hand,”) in the framework of post-critical design. The third year of Butoliya's doctoral research is rooted in the exploration of global post-critical design practice and the various modes of its representation, discourse and practice. She is particularly focused on the ways that jugaadlike practices play out at the intersection of the global south and critical design.

Critical Jugaad also asks critically vital questions including: What is the future of critical design practice? How do we move beyond a western logic of criticality in design? And how do we punctuate critical design and change its representation, discourse and practice to take into account non-western and subaltern perspectives? If the post-critical turn in literature and art was meant to expand global perspectives, it did not quite achieve its goals. As Hal Foster succinctly points out, “The post-critical condition is supposed to release us from our straitjackets (historical, theoretical, and political), yet, for the most part, it has abetted a relativism that has little to do with pluralism.” Butoliya challenges this condition by resituating critical design through a new post-critical perspective. Post-critical design is not about changing the practice of critical design, but rather about renegotiating values embodied in this practice. We need to change the discourse and make it more eff e ctive for the pluriverse we inhabit.


Deepa Butoliya is a PhD student in Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon University with a background in Architecture and Industrial Design. She worked for several architectural firms in India before transitioning to Industrial Design and working with Jindal Architecture Ltd., MIT development lab and Havells Sylvania India Ltd. …Deepa has also received MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago and has taught Industrial Design undergraduate classes at UIC's School of Design. …She is interested in Speculative and Critical Design and wants to explore further her own theories and tools for research in this domain.